Founded in 2006, TERRA FOOD Group is one of Ukraine's largest production and trading holdings that operates business in three sectors (dairy, meat and general farming).



Group operates business in three sectors

  •          TERRA FOOD, butter, blended butter, cheese and fresh milk products (FMP) in Ukraine.
  •          Tulchynmyaso meat processing plant.
  •          Zelena Dolyna agro complex, general farming (crops, livestock and sugar). 



TERRA FOOD Group in Ukraine


·         #3 player in production of all dairy products in volume terms with 7.1% market share


·         Absolute leader in blended butter 


·         #1 player in production and sales of butter

·         Leader in sales of cheese, one of the TOP-3 cheese producers


·         #1 player in cheese sales with 14% market share


·         Founder and key player in premium FMP segment


·         One of the largest capacities in dairy sector: more than 1.4k tpd milk processing capacity secure 43k tpa cheese and 78k tpa butter and blended butter production, 61k tpa fresh milk products.


·         Large player in sausage sector with modern production site of 5.2k tpa capacity 


·         Mature and efficient general farming: 28k ha arable land bank, 5k heads cattle herd, a sugar mill with up to 30k tpa sugar production capacity, 32k t grain silo


·         Developed national distribution network: diversified sales channels, over 150 distributors, direct sales of fresh milk products in Kyiv region


TERRA FOOD Group globally 


·         #4 & #12 in blended butter in Europe and globally (according to Euromonitor, International Trade Center (ITC), Food and Agriculture Organization of UN (FAO), Pro-Consulting). The Group exports its products to 24 countries worldwide and has trade and representative offices in, Georgia, Jordan. 

·         The Holding boasts a large modern dairy of 36k tpa butter and blended butter capacity (according to the Group’s evaluation based on official statistics).


TERRA FOOD Group business units  


TERRA FOOD.  Comprises Bila Tserkva dairy, Tulchyn buttery, Vapnyarka, Kryzhopil and Rozhyshchy cheese making plants, Chechelnyk processed cheese making plant, Reshetilovsky сreamery, Novaodesa and Kornensky cheese factory in Ukraine. Total production capacities: milk processing – 1515 tpd, cheese and processed cheese – 40.1k tpa, soft cheese – 2.9k tpa, butter and blended butter – 113.6k tpa, fresh milk products – 60.2k tpa.


Tulchynmyaso, meat processing plant. Production capacities: meat processing – 6.3k tpa, sausages – 5k tpa, semi-prepared meat products – 1.3k tpa. 


Zelena Dolyna agro complex. Comprises Tomashpil sugar mill, Tulchyn agro unit, Tomashpil agro unit, Vila livestock farm, Grain silo at Zhuravlivka.  


TERRA FOOD key brands


·         FERMA – butter, cheese, fresh milk products.

·         Tulchynka – butter, blended butter and cheese.

·         Premialle, Bila Liniya – fresh milk products.

·         Vapnyarka – cheese.

·         Zolotoy Rezerv – butter, cheese.

·         Tulchyn – sausages and other meat products.

Ukrainian Glory – blended butter for export markets.

About Group

TERRA FOOD Group is one of Ukraine’s largest vertically integrated holdings that produces and sells meat and dairy products.
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