TERRA FOOD Group is a strong and successful meat market player due to its asset – Tulchynmyaso meat processing plant (Vinnytsia region). This is a modern production site manufacturing first class sausages renowned for their high quality and awarded many prestige prizes. 


The Group’s achievements in meat sector 

Modern production varied assortment

Tulchynmyaso features top notch facilities. Production combines traditional and modern approaches. The assortment comprises nearly 100 various items under Tulchyn, Myasna Krayina, Khmyzok and Salyamini.  


Recognized quality 

The meat processing plant is equipped with an ISO 9001-2000 certified quality management system. Products are made of freshly slaughtered cooled meet only. Gold, silver, bronze medals and awards of well-known contests testify to high quality of Tulchynmyaso products. 


Strong partnership.

Tulchynmyaso clients include meat processing leaders, manufacturers of semi-processed meat and food products, retailers and other market players. 


Production capacities

  • meat processing – 2.64k tpa;

  • sausages – 4.8k tpa;
  • semi-prepared meat products – 0.6k tpa.



Tulchynmyaso site: