Agri business unit is represented by Zelena Dolyna agro complex, established in 2004 in the Vynnytsya region. It provides crops, breeds livestock and produces sugar.  


 Group's achievement in agribusiness

One of the leading farms in the south of Vynnytsya region. In 2011-2013 Zelena Dolyna is ranked in Agrarian Elite of Ukraine rating according to Farmer magazine, the magazine collects 100 leading companies and managers of domestic agricultural sector.

In 2011 Organic Standard with experts of the Swiss Institute for Market Ecology (ІМО) certified Zelena Dolyna products as complying with European standards #834/2007 and #889/2008. Organic farming applies eco-friendly approaches, saves natural resources, keeps livestock properly and uses materials of natural origin only.  

In 2010 the agro complex was awarded an ‘Industry Leader’ certificate for producing consumer and B2B crops – it is what Zelena Dolyna specializes in.     

Tomashpil sugar mill won a performance winner certificate among sugar plants of the Vynnytsya region in 2011. Furthermore, within the frameworks of National Competitiveness Program, Tomashpil earned a ‘Mark of Excellence’ award confirming its compliance with main national and international standards. 

Developed crops and crop and own livestock production. On 27k ha of Tomashpil and Tulchyn agro units produce sugar beets, crops, beans, oil-bearing and forage crops. Zelena Dolyna farms keep 5k head cattle herd and up to 2k pigs. Vila breeding farm produces pedigree livestock. In 2009 Zelena Dolyna confirmed its status as that of a Simmental cattle breeder. Moreover, it obtained status of a breeder of Ukrainian red-spotted dairy cattle and a reproducer of Ukrainian black-spotted dairy cattle. 

The main supplier for the Group. The main clients for meat and milk products are the milk and meat processing factories of TERRA FOOD located in Vynnytsya region. Processing of sugar beet is provided by own Tomashpil sugar mill. Grain and its products  from Zelena Dolyna are stored at the elevator near the railway station Zhuravlivka, at which also feed mill works.

Policy of developing. Zelena Dolyna plans to increase cropping capacity through implementing cutting-edge technologies and cultivating high demand agricultural crops. The agro complex makes a special focus on exploiting highly efficient wide-covering energy-saving technologies. 

 Production capacities:

  • 27k ha arable land bank 
  • 2.4k tpd beet processing at Tomashpil sugar mill

  • up to 360 tpd sugar production 

  • 32k t grain silo at Zhuravlivka 

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