Mission and values


Our mission

We combine the best Ukrainian traditions with cutting-edge technologies to create a wide assortment of natural tasteful and healthy foods we enjoy together with our families. 



Our objective

To be the absolute leader in the production of dairy products  in Ukraine and enter top 5 world producers of blended butter.


Our values



  • Market Leadership 


We stay ahead of the market, launch new segments and develop innovative product categories.

Due to vast experience of the best professionals, advanced technologies and top notch facilities our products are always favored by consumers as well as highly appreciated by independent experts. 


  • Customer Satisfaction 


Our constant focus is on tastes and expectations of customers in all categories.

Factors that make our products special include the best organoleptic qualities, an extensive product range, availability in all price segments and wide sales coverage.  


  • Product Quality


We and our families consume TERRA FOOD’s products.

We stick to the strictest quality requirements, sincerely love what we do and know how to keep and enhance the very best bestowed on us by Nature. The Group’s business units are certified according to the international food quality and safety standards. 


  • Corporate Integrity 


All TERRA FOOD’s departments share common corporate values, objectives and rules.

This secures success for the Group and guarantees efficiency for each business. While applying result-oriented approaches and sharing experience, we have built and keep upgrading a strong team of true professionals.