Stanislav Voytovych

Stanislav Voytovych

TERRA FOOD Group President Stanislav Voytovych

Stanislav Andreevich Voytovych is founder and president of TERRA FOOD Group of Companies. In 2009 by Decree of the President of Ukraine Stanislav Voytovych was awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine with presenting the Order of State for outstanding achievements in the development of the agroindustrial complex of Ukraine, personal contribution to increasing the production and processing of agricultural products based on the introduction of advanced technologies. 

Stanislav Voytovych is also the “Honored Employee of Agriculture of Ukraine” (Decree of the President of Ukraine, 2006), winner in the nomination “Agrarian of the Year” of the XI nationwide program “Person of the Year” (2006) and the Honorary Citizen of Tulchyn (decision of the Tulchyn City Council, 2011). He was awarded the Order of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Holy Great Prince Volodymyr, Equal of the Apostles, second grade, and the medal “For the sacrifice and love for Ukraine” (2016).

The history of TERRA FOOD started in 1999, when Stanislav Voytovych created the vertically integrated holding with acquisition of the Tulchyn factory. In 2001, the Vapniarka Dairy Plant joined the Group. Since 2004, the Group started the agrarian business with establishment of Green Valley Agrocomplex, which includes the Tomashpil Sugar Factory, along with other agricultural enterprises. From 2003 to 2005 Kryzhopol Cheese Factory and Tulchyn Meat-Processing Plant were acquired. 

From 2006 to 2009 Mogyliv-Podilsky Dairy Plant, and in 2013, Rozhyshchensky Cheese Factory, one of the largest dairy processing enterprises in western Ukraine joined the Group.

Today, under the management of Stanislav Voytovych, TERRA FOOD Group of Companies is one of the key players in the food market of Ukraine, the absolute national leader in the production and export of spreads, No. 1 in the production and sale of butter, and the leader of cheese market in Ukraine by sales and one of the top 3 manufacturers of cheese. The company actively develops and feels confident about the future.