TERRA FOOD is aware of its social mission and contributes to society by:  


  • producing a wide range of high quality and safety products; 

  • providing workplaces;  

  • upgrading employees’ skills;  

  • taking care of environment; 

  • taking an active part in social, public and spiritual life of local communities; 

  • developing the local food market and agro sector; 

  • strengthening image of Ukraine as that of a reliable and strong player in the global food market. 


We strongly believe that agriculture and food manufacturing require comprehensive approaches. TERRA FOOD’s business units are certified according to the international food quality and safety standards. The Group continuously invests in modern technologies, up to date products and staff training and skills upgrade. 


Since 2012 TERRA FOOD has been partnering I Love Milk, the All-Ukrainian project that aims to promote in society that a healthy and tasty drink. 

TERRA FOOD renders financial support to education and medical care sectors, disabled children and orphans, also provides charity and sponsorship offers to local communities and helps erect and improve churches. 


The Group is committed to playing a significant role in society further on, sharing its intensive experience and contributing to development of Ukraine’s food market and agro industry. 

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Saint Nicholas Church in Palanca village (the Vinnytsa region) is built due to money donated by TERRA FOOD Group